How Do I Compose A Strong Topic Sentence For My Narrative Essay?

Topic sentence can be just one core statement that you make in your essay, which contains all the core information about the problem you are presenting. If you are writing a more complex essay, every paragraph should have its own topic sentence.

  • Write down your ideas
  • Just write, without any concerns for the form of your work. You can just pile one your ideas, or interesting observations, or even questions that you want to answer. This can take some time, because after you have finished writing down, you will have to analyze all you have composed. Among those sentences, there is a great topic sentence hiding; you just need to hunt it down.

  • Look up some examples
  • Some students don’t know how to find their topic sentence; others are not even sure how it looks like. You should look up some examples, and get inspired by other people’s work. There are student’s chat rooms and forums where you can discuss with classmates and colleagues the issues you are having. You can also look up some examples on web pages that are dedicated to students who need help with their homework.

  • Ask a friend
  • If you have a classmate that is really good with writing essays, ask her to help you out with your topic sentence. Tell her what you want to write about, what is the core of your essay, and she might be able to think of a good sentence for your essay. You can ask multiple people, because everybody will tell you something different and that way you can think of all the options you have.

  • Ask a professional
  • If a friend can’t help you, try to find a professional that knows everything about writing essays. That can be your professor, or someone that is close to you. If you trust their advice, ask them to read your notes and ideas and tell you what they think a topic sentence should look like. You can also always hire someone to help you, but people usually write the whole essay not just the topic sentence.

  • Imagine a situation
  • If you don’t want to get help, but want to compose alone your statement, try another trick. Imagine a situation that you have only 5 seconds to tell someone what your essay is about. That is just enough time for one long sentence, which needs to tell your reader what is the core of the problem and why it would be interesting for him to learn more about it.