Totalitarian Political System

This was a typical government system that swept across Europe during the twentieth century. With time, it spread throughout the world. Its founders were leaders like Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler. They are very popular for the kind of control they held over their people and the entire kingdoms that that they ruled. The main characteristic of a totalitarian system is that the government is in full control of the society. It controls all the aspects of both the private and public lives of each and every citizen. The other characteristics of the totalitarian system are that there is a single party that rules the land. The military takes full control of the land and guards the territories at all cost. The ruling government controls communication in such regions. In the case of unrest, the police use terror to take charge of the situation and control it. The government controls the economy of the land. Despite these characteristics, different totalitarian regimes were different in policies and dispensation. Let us look at some examples of kingdoms that were ruled by totalitarian systems and see how they looked like.

Nazi Germany

After Hitler took power in 1933, Nazi was ruled by a single party. After his election, he illegally assumed power surpassing what was granted in the Nazi Law. This made him in complete control of the land and the government. It was illegal to speak against the government. Those who did were arrested and put in concentration camps. The people in these camps were deemed undesirable and faced death sentences. These camps help all sorts of people that were seen as a bother to the community. They included the mentally handicapped, political prisoners, homosexuals, and Jews. All these worked for the government until death. Hitler’s government controlled what people did in their everyday life. Artists were allowed only to paint pictures that portrayed the positive values of the Nazi people. He also censored the news and used radio stations to spread positive propaganda about his government.

Stalinist Soviet Union

The Soviet Union under Josef Stalin was a totalitarian leadership. He rose to power after Vladimir died. Stalin blackmailed opposing leaders to join his side. Those that refused were murdered. Just like Hitler, artists were to paint his pictures and writers were forced to write novels and articles glorifying him. Photos of religion were removed and replaced with his. The government controlled education, and all children joined school according to age.