A List Of Top-Quality Debate Essay Topics On The Latest Events

We had all been good debaters at school, as we were prompt with our arguments and knew exactly to counter the points made by our opponent. However, practicing for a debate at school or college needs prior preparation to put forward your best. Preparation for debate includes the thorough understanding of the topic, choosing your own point of view whether for the motion or against it, doing an appropriate research on the topic and providing relevant examples to prove your point. Choosing a debate topic for an intra-school or inter-school debate needs oneself to be updated with the latest events so that school students can be encouraged to state their opinion regarding a matter. Some of these topics might be as follows

  1. Has feminism been a boon or bane on the society? How has feminism helped or damaged the relationships between men and women?
  2. Should all schools adopt a single-gender policy altogether or should co-educational schools and colleges exist in future?
  3. Is advertising being used for wrongful purposes, or does it depend upon the human mind to interpret it accordingly?
  4. Should beauty pageant contests be eradicated completely as it promotes a false sense of beauty among average Indian girls?
  5. Should homosexual relationships or marriages be encouraged in India?
  6. Should prisoners of moderate crimes be given death penalty/life sentence or should they be given a second chance to restart their lives?
  7. Should the family background and educational qualification be considered as important factors for someone’s crime?
  8. Should the Government of India ban children for working in serials or performing in reality shows?
  9. Should teachers be allowed to interact with their children through social networking sites or should there be professionalism maintained?
  10. Should animals be used for testing of various science experiments? If yes, what could be a replacement of the same?
  11. Should euthanasia be performed on patients even on their demand or should efforts be made to prolong their life?
  12. Has suicide become a common route of escapism for today’s teenagers?
  13. Should alcohol and cigarettes be banned at all shops to protect today’s teenagers from substance abuse?
  14. Has racial discrimination, communalism and casteism taken a more serious turn than what te situation was in the past?
  15. Should a perfect life consist of wealth and luxury or can a simple living bring you just the same kind of happiness?

The above topics are some of the topics which are good for high school or college debates, as students can speak from their experiences as well as search online for reference.