Art Of The Americans

Art is a language used to get the message across the world while overcoming communication barriers. The United States of America is home to famous Art Galleries and Museums. Here is a list of famous art places that grab tourist attention in America:

  1. Metropolitan Museum Of Art
  2. Located in New York City this is one of the largest museum in the United States of America and features more than two million pieces gathered from all over the world. The exhibits are from places like Europe, Africa and Middle East. When we look at the area of the museum, it is one of the largest art gallery in the world. The temple of Dendur in the Egyptian exhibit is a must visit in this museum.

  3. Museum of Fine Arts
  4. This is located in Boston in the state of Massachusetts. It contains a huge number of art pieces, more than 450,000 to be exact. The American Art and Egyptian art exhibits are the most popular amongst tourists.

  5. Philadelphia Museum of Art
  6. Located in Pennsylvania, this museum features the largest exhibit of American art throughout the United States. The African exhibit popular amongst artists.

  7. National Gallery of Art
  8. This is situated in Washington DC and features collections from the American and European art. A painting by Leonardo da Vinci is the highlight of this art gallery.

  9. Museum of Modern Art
  10. This museum is located in New York City and as the name suggests it features art from the modern times. This museum hosts small exhibitions which feature art from other countries in the world.

  11. Cleveland Museum of Art
  12. Consisting of about 45,000 pieces, this museum is located in Ohio. This is a one of a kind museum as it features art for all age groups. It preserves a gothic table fountain which is special to this particular museum as no other museum in the country has this exhibit. The paintings from after the French Revolution are a must see in this museum.

  13. Art Institute of Chicago
  14. Located in Illinois, it is the second largest art museum in America. The expensive exhibits of American and African-American art are the spotlight of this museum.

This is a brief list of the famous art galleries and museums in America. To truly learn about American Art, one should visit these museums and carry out in-depth research on the American Art.