Gods Intervention In The Odyssey

There is a lot of intervention in the story about when the author shows us the power of the Gods. This is mainly seen through the actions of the goddess. The plot, themes, and storyline are altered in many scenes by the presence of the goddess. We are shown their strength; by the way, they influence the fate of the main characters. They come in to provide nursing writing help, and guide them so as to fulfill or meet their desires. In some instances, we see the gods as cruel, petty, and on a mission to destroy the heroes in the play. The writer has, however, succeeded in showing us the different and conflicting motives of the gods. They do not have a harmonious goal to uphold the unity of the characters. They want to protect some and destroy some so as to get the chance to build the main characters to attain their goals.

Humanly Characters

Their behavior portrays them to match characteristics of the human beings that they manipulate. Even though they have the supernatural power to control and influence outcomes, they have many traits of human beings. They are prone to anger, disgust, concern and passion. They will express all these in different ways and depending on the situation and the outcome that they desire to see fall in place to favor the main characters. All characters may not be in favor or at peace with all the gods. This creates a chaotic environment where the characters may suffer in the hands of one God but are favored by the other. This brings two or more gods into a conflict. It will take the divine power for the main characters to survive such conflicts. The problem is that they are volatile, and when they take particular action, there is no room for reversal unless with another intervention from a different god.

Enormous intervention

The gods are all in a quest to influence a certain outcome. We have seen that they may not agree or have similar opinions on the outcomes. This places the main characters on the cross road with counter forces acting upon them. A good example is when Odysseus wants to return home with his son. A lot of experiences both positive and negative come his way. These are as a result of different interests from the gods. It is, however, clear that some human character can make one defy the forces of the gods and have things in their way.