Everything You Need To Know About An Extended Essay Abstract

An extended essay’s abstract refers to a succinct and a statement that can stand alone. In addition to this, it simply conveys the valuable data that is contained in a document, article, research paper or a book. It is crucial to note that it must be composed in a non-repetitive approach and must be able to determine the issue being investigated, it should also depict the approach and scope of investigation, wrap up the results and lastly it must also state the conclusion in a clear manner.

More than that, please be guided that there are a few valuable points to take in mind when writing the abstract and these comprise of the following:

  • It is deemed pivotal to underscore the sentences in the document that detail the issue being investigated.
  • It is a must to give emphasis to the thesis otherwise known as the research question.
  • What is more, it is necessary to determine the key words, phrases or data that depict the sequence of the investigation and its scope. Take note that you only need to identify and not explain in detail.
  • It matters to summarize the conclusion into a few compact sentences. Here, it is critical to clearly identify the results that you obtained through stating what you unveiled in your research and be sure to relate it to the problem. Do not forget to mention the relevance, importance and of course implications of the outcomes or conclusions to the hypothesis.

On the other hand, here are some fundamental words of advice which writers need to ponder on:

  • Do not think much about the length of the essay- this is for the first draft. It is all right to cover all the vital parts which are necessary in the abstract. Take into account that you need to use the data that are underscored and identified as you go over the article.
  • Prior you start editing; it is of great help to take a word count.
  • Start editing by means of omitting sentences, phrases and words that are unnecessary or that provide more explanation than required.
  • Please be guided that it is not advised to use direct quotes, abbreviations, citations or jargons.
  • It is very vital to get as close to the required number of words as probable. In a nutshell, pay attention to the required word count.
  • Always avoid writing in the first person.
  • Search for places wherein sentences can be combines in order to delete unnecessary words or make the idea to the point.
  • It is advised to get rid of useless background data.