4 Great Writing Ideas For A High School Essay Against Death Penalty

Controversy surrounds the death penalty. This is the harshest of sentences and is usually reserved for individuals who have been convicted of a capital crime. However, deeming somebody guilty enough for the death penalty is not an easy consideration. It would be wrong to accuse someone and execute that person since it would be an infringement of their moral and ethical rights. Thus, the death penalty has plenty of things going against it and covering those in a high school level essay should be handled with prudence.

  • Focus on the Ethical Dimensions
  • You could focus on writing the paper in a way that reflects how the death penalty poses a serious issue for religious figures, civil rights organizations and other individuals who oppose this severe punishment. You need to explain how the death penalty comes with certain religious and ethical baggage and it would be wrong to simply dismiss them without a clear understanding of the subject.

  • Right vs. Wrong – Why You Choose the Latter?
  • There are lots of people who are in favour of the death penalty while others stand against it staunchly. This is due to the fact that the punishment tends to violate the constitutional right of the convicted person as a human being. This is a barbaric form of cruelty against any living human and may be classified as a heinous act that goes against the base instincts of humanity. Moreover, it tends to defy numerous religious conventions. You could focus on whether it is right to play God in your writing.

  • The Law and Justice – How they Differ?
  • You can state in your paper how the law of the land is not always as clear-cut and just as it appears to be. There are a lot of discriminatory factors involved that may lead to a certain bias against the convicted individual. The path the law takes is not immune to outside factors. Normally, an objective view is required but it is clear that it is not always the case. Your essay may explain how subjectivism affects the punishment that is meted out to the individual.

  • Better Civil Rights
  • While researching for your paper, you will find that many civil rights unions have voiced their opinions against the death penalty. Try to figure out their motivations. The common argument is that even though the person is guilty for murder, it would not be unjust to punish him/her with a sentence that is considerably less harsh. A death penalty is no guarantee that the crime would not be repeated in future.