A Collection Of Fresh Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

There are several argumentative papers on sports. Sports makes a very natural base for argumentative subjects and you may choose to go the way you want when writing on a subject of sports. There are several aspects on which the arguments can be based. You may choose to delve into some and ignore some others while constructing the different layers of the paper.

When is the subject important?

Most arguments in sports appear to be trivial ones, wherein one party picks up an argument to disguise their own choices of play tactics or players. You should be able to avoid such topics safely and make way ahead to consider the really important subject.

The bid and small subjects of debate

A subject can be considered important and worthy of debate when it concerns a large number of people. If a topic is really being discussed by a large community of fans, it definitely deserves debating. However, this does not mean the ones that are not big enough should not be discussed and debated over. You must do it if you consider it necessary.

It may even be something that people have been missing and you want to bring it to their attention. If you have a really strong point to make, people will take note and take the debate forward.

Fresh argumentative essay topics

  • The commercialization of soccer: why is it going to crack the game from inside?
  • How have people reacted to the different generational shifts in MLS?
  • Would you choose Michael Jordan over any other player from history? Why?
  • Who will be written down as the greatest footballer of all times: Messi or Ronaldo?
  • Is it true that sport is among the easiest ways to scams in the third world?
  • Write an argumentative paper on the dubious business of franchise sports?
  • Who should be allowed to buy a team in a league?
  • Is it all right to hold tournaments for charity where players receive money?
  • How would you rate the new umpiring systems in cricket?
  • Referees get intimidated by aggressive players: how true is that?
  • Should world sport associations be the first to experiment with corporate democracy?
  • How would you rate the newly evolved cricket leagues in the Indian subcontinent?

These are just a few topics that can be discussed and debated when it comes to making the right choices in argumentative essays on sports. You are free to choose one you like.