5 Things To Avoid While Writing An Essay About Your Country

If you take a geography or cultural class, or just picked up one of essay writing jobs, you may be expected to write a paper on your native country. Usually these papers are presented to the class, so the class can understand diversity and be aware of cultural differences. There are many items you can write about, but some are simply more entertaining to hear or to read. All of them are informative, but some should just be avoided for the audience’s sake.

5 Items to Avoid in Your Country Essay

  1. It is difficult to make a section on population exciting. The demographics, statistics, and data simply do not make for visual images or exciting copy. Try to avoid an entire section that is filled with population numbers.
  2. Go easy on the historical figures. You can mention one or two important people, but more than that and the paper will begin to resemble a list. When you pick the two to do, make sure to select important people who have a good story to tell.
  3. I have discovered that the geographical make up of a country is not so exciting to read about in an essay. When you begin to talk about the indigenous rocks, landmasses, and features, you could lose your audience. If you do approach this topic, select one outstanding feature such as a famous mountain range, to focus on.
  4. In a short essay for class, you will probably not want to have graphs and charts. You will take up valuable space for items that most readers will not even glance at while exploring the paper. Let your words do the explaining, and save the charts for longer and more in-depth papers and compositions.
  5. You will need a bibliography or works cited page and intext citations. However, the reference page won’t need to be annotated. Annotations are not necessary for this type of paper that is obvious with source usage. You will need to follow the teacher directions, but if it were not required, I would not annotate the works cited or bibliography page.

As you explore who you are and your native country in order to write a paper, stay away from these five items. You do not need them, and the paper will be better without them. They will take extra time to do, and not impact the composition in any positive way at all.