10 Secrets For Writing An Argumentative Essay On Capital Punishment

If you have ever written an argumentative paper on a subject as crucial as capital punishment, you will know about the limitation and liberties that apply. But there is a lot more to such subjects than it would meet the eye at the first glance. In this page we tell you about ten secret ways in which you deal about the subject of capital punishment in your academic paper.

  1. There is no set rule
  2. When it comes to writing on a subject like capital punishment, you may bend just any way you deem fit. There is a lot that you may learn from the subject and there are several implications that need to be looked into when you are at it.

  3. You are entitled to your personal opinion
  4. Your personal opinion matters a lot. Tell people what you feel about the punishment. Since there are no set rules, people are here to read about how you feel.

  5. There are as many ways as you would like there to be
  6. There are several ways in which capital punishment can be described and you may throw in virtually any analogy and comparison as long you do not compromise logic.

  7. You may take a short step at a time
  8. If you are still not sure about which way to go with the subject, just follow the train of thoughts. As you go, keep discovering the various facets.

  9. History is always at your disposal
  10. You may always take help of examples from history to support or negate certain arguments. There have been several controversial executions since the beginning.

  11. The debate on ethics
  12. The ethical debate is perhaps the most overwhelming part of the essay. Again, you are free to follow your own will.

  13. The liberty of crime sans capital punishment
  14. How happy would criminals be without the capital punishment? Would it abet more severe crimes? Ask these questions.

  15. A suitable alternative
  16. What can be a suitable alternative in the absence of capital punishment? Some believe imprisonment for a lifetime can be a really softer option.

  17. The chance of innocence
  18. Given cases are proven based on evidence only, would it not be only logical to counter capital punishment because the accused may be innocent.

  19. Who can forgive?
  20. Generally, the supreme authority of the nation has the power to forgive capital punishment. Talk about the frequency of it in your essay.